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Well done is better than well said
-Ben Franklin-

We have a simple philosophy: our clients are our greatest priority. And while many claim to put their customers first, we prefer to demonstrate our value everyday, in every aspect of our business. When you have a question or concern, you speak directly to the owners and founders of the company; not a salesperson, regional manager or call center employee.

At Evolution Recycling we believe your success is our success. Let us show you the power of genuine customer service.

ink & toner

Ink & Toner Services

The Most Expensive Liquid Commodity in the World is Printer Ink
With over 20 years of combined experience in the ink industry, Evolution Recycling is one of the rare E-Waste Recyclers that pays its clients for surplus, empty and new Ink/Toner cartridges. In fact we are experts in this category and are very capable of making a difficult recyclable very profitable

computer asset management

Computer asset management

Our Motto is Reduce, Reuse, Evolve
Many companies are content to scrap your computer assets for parts or precious metals. This method is more simple but also significantly less profitable. At Evolution Recycling, our main goal is to reuse and refurbish as many computer assets as possible to sell to retail and wholesale vendors across the globe.



An Honest and Trusted Opinion
Many large institutions fall victim to predatory vendors who play off the complexity of the industry and ignorance of their trusting clients. We can provide you with an honest and open evaluation of your recycling program from top to bottom to ensure your organization is being compensated with fair market value for all of your recyclable materials.